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It is YOUR responsibility to check back AFTER 2:00PM Friday, May 15 for any schedule changes!! 



All players and bench personnel must have a current AAU membership card. If you need to receive your card, go to aauboysbasketball.org. 

This will be strictly enforced, and all team member and coaches will have their cards checked at coaches check-in. 


All games will be played at Triple A Academy

2524 W. Ledbetter Dr. Dallas, TX 75233

SWAAU District Championship Pools

9U Pool A- 10U Pool B- 11U Pool C- 12/13U Pool D- 12/13U Pool E- 15U Pool F- 15U Pool G- 15U
38. Team Texas 1. D1 2023 5. D1 2022 9. Proskills 11U 39. Texas Heat 15. Team Texas Grandstaff 18. Team Texas Sullivan 21. Tigers
41. Got Skills 2. DC Kings 2023 6. D1 Select 10. Team Duke Proskills 13. NTX Elite 16. Trail Blazers LS 19. Trail Blazers 2018 22. Westside Bulls Red
3. Got Skills 7. Mighty Kings 11. Gators 14. BMM Elite 2020 17. East Texas Arsena; 20. Texas Hustle 23. Team Texas Summy
4. City 2 City 8. Team Texas Mathis 12. NTX Elite
Pool H-16U Pool I-16U Pool J-17U Pool K-17U
24. Elite Athletes of Texas 27. Dallas Hoyas Elite 31. HTC 34. Team Texas 2017
25. Trail Blazers 2017 28. 413 Sports 32. Texas Hustle 35. Dallas Hoyas Elite
26. Team United 29. Westside Bulls Black 33. Elite Athletes of Texas 36. Soldiers
30. Trail Blazers JV 37. Game Face Elite

Friday Night Game Times

Friday 5/15 Court 1 Court 2 Court 3
7:00PM 33v32 27v29 24 vs 26
8:15PM 18v20 35v36 15v16
9:30PM 25v26 27v30 21v22

Saturday Game Times

Saturday 5/16 Court 1 Court 2 Court 3
8:00AM 31vs33 2v4 1v3
9:15AM 15v17 36v34 38v41
10:30AM 32v31 1v4 2v3
11:45AM 22vs23 37v34 16v17
1:00PM 19vs20 28 vs 29 14v13
2:15PM 9v11 35v37 21vs 23
3:30PM 18v19 28v30 10vs12
4:45PM 5v8 13v39 6v7
6:00PM 24v25 10v11 9v12
7:15PM 6v8 39v14 5v7

Sunday Game Times

Sunday 5/17 Court 1 Court 2 Court 3
8:00AM G7 G8 G12
9:15AM G1 G2 G16
10:30AM G4 G5 G9
11:45AM G18 G19 G3
1:00PM G23 G24 G13
2:15PM G10 G26 G6
3:30PM G14 G21 G25
4:45PM G20 G11 G27
6:00PM G15 G17 G22